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“Supporting interested Indigenous women entrepreneurs to launch and scale their business; Impacts the family's economic well-being, education, reduces poverty and gender inequalities.”

NIWEE is asking corporate executives and others to share their experiences and leverage innovation, creativity, and knowledge of business, marketing, sales, funding, and building efficient organizations with Indigenous women entrepreneurs

We need corporate partners and partnerships with women's associations, academics, artists, experienced entrepreneurs, and others who have experienced building and implementing their vision. In today's rapidly changing world, our prospective entrepreneurs need support to think outside the box, articulate their goals, and keep them in their sights when change occurs, allowing them to adapt and not stray from the course


To deliver training, coaching and support, of course, we need money. But money alone is insufficient; we need more. We are looking to recruit corporations, organizations, and volunteers willing to throw their weight behind Indigenous women interested in entrepreneurship. Our entrepreneurial learners need opportunities to penetrate markets. They need expertise in areas such as marketing, sales, funding and guidance in putting their best foot forward when pitching their product or services. We need allies willing to open doors for deserving Indigenous women ready to go the extra mile to service their clients. Walking the walk with NIWEE is an excellent way to demonstrate that your company values diversity, equity and inclusion. In today’s ultra-tight labour market, it’s a great way to pull and retain talent.

a strategic partnership can be a win-Win!

It can be a win-win situation for all parties involved when done correctly. The first step to forming a successful partnership is identifying your organization’s needs and seeing if your and our Indigenous women entrepreneurs’ needs are complementary. Here are a few ideas on how we could work together.
Provide meaning to employees. Enable them to make a difference by contributing to the dialogue and sharing their knowledge to help our early-stage entrepreneurs learn how to do a business presentation, resolve a supply chain issue, go to market, make sales, manage risks, expand their strategies and so on.
Having a cause, your employees are passionate about, such as: Mental health and well-being are significant to today’s generation. Provide them with opportunities to contribute to improving Indigenous women’s and families' well-being. And contribute to breaking down inequalities caused by poverty, racial and gender bias, and low educational attainment.
Offer professional development opportunities to your young and upcoming leaders. Something essential for engaging and retaining employees. They could benefit from learning to work in the early stage of their career with people with a different outlook than the dominant western worldview under which they were raised and educated. Help them become agile and prepared to grow your organization by learning to work with people whose cultures are not dominated by western views.
Test a new concept or a new product in real time without exposing your brand. Perhaps enter a mid-market or other channels without tarnishing your brand’s existing market position. Whatever your need, let’s talk. Let’s see if we can unleash the power of ideas and transform them into actions that would benefit your organization and our early-stage entrepreneurs.
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