niwee ecosystem structure

There is no denying funding is important to entrepreneurs, but we would argue based on our experience that funding is available to those who create a business model that is attractive to investors. But, what’s even more valuable is knowledge and experience, especially for a first time entrepreneur.
The idea is that each entity in the ecosystem affects and is affected by the others, creating a constantly evolving relationship in which each entity must be respectful of others and be flexible and adaptable to survive as in a biological ecosystem.
The NIWEE ecosystem’s purpose is to draw together key actors and stakeholders that gravitate toward developing business ventures and innovation, including entrepreneurs, mentors, incubators, sources of talent such as universities, corporations, investors, technologists and artists and supporting services like startup savvy law and accounting firms.
Our purpose is to create a collaborative ecosystem of different entities to drive meaningful outcomes at scale. No single organization on its own can do the heavy lifting required to remove roadblocks and reshape women entrepreneurs
We welcome Indigenous and non-Indigenous women who are willing to contribute to the common good. Women who place cooperation over competition; consensus over control; teamwork over hierarchy; and to connect with others and build networks.

Why is NIWEE creating a community of practice and inviting you to join?

As a Member, there is a sense of belonging where you can contribute, feel respected, provide impact and most of all feel needed.

NIWEE is looking to bring together an exceptional group of people from different walks of life who share common interests and a common purpose. For some, their interest is to build a side hustle; others, it's about learning from their peers or about gaining a new perspective so they may achieve their dream. While for others, it's about passion and contributing knowledge and experience to help break down inequities and support women in building their economic well-being. 

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