Guy Dancause

For the past ten plus years, Guy has focused on Indigenous Entrepreneurship. He has designed and produced numerous series of tailored programs in-studio and on-location for the purpose of transferring knowledge and engaging targeted audiences through dialogue extension.
He is the CEO of Proteus Canada Institute and of the Idea Connector Network. Founded in 2006, in its early Proteus was focused on the development of “Protean Critical Thinking.” In 2011, it shifted from research on international security themes to apply its knowledge and expertise to explore, primarily, ways and means progress could be made on Canadian Indigenous issues. Numerous exercises have been held over the years. In 2020 we have explored: “The Canadian and Global Covid-19 Patchwork Responses; and we are presently completing a project on Indigenous Literacy as well as another on Canada’s Weather Readiness.
Before taking a leap into the world of new technologies, Guy held senior positions at Sharwood and Company, the Yorkminster Group, the Council for Canadian Unity and, for some ten years, was a management consultant providing services in Canada, the USA, Europe, North Africa and the Middle-East. He was also a Major in the Canadian Armed Forces. One of Guy’s proudest achievements is the founding of Canada’s only permanent youth residential conference centre, the Terry Fox Canadian Youth Centre and its program Encounters with Canada.