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Make a Monthly Gift to Help Support Initiatives to change the lives of Indigenous women, girls and LGBTQA+

Your monthly commitment to helping those Indigenous people 17 years of age or older interested in entrepreneurship and in acquiring the practicum knowledge and the skill sets needed to achieve their dream of launching a start-up and scaling an early-stage business.

Through NIWEE, our learners will gain practical skills across topics such as cash flow management, generating and validating ideas, leadership marketing, sales, communications, presenting to investors, and employee management, as well, they will have access to mentors and business coaches and access to expertise to develop their customized business plan for growth. All of it for FREE

Help promote, foster, heal and contribute to improving our perspective entrepreneurs, their economic well-being and that of their families and community.

Your donation to the National Indigenous Women Entrepreneurs’ Ecosystem (NIWEE) will help support initiatives like Courses, Conferences, Workshops, Simulations, Grandmother Moon Fellowships, Trade Shows and complementary initiatives.

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***NIWEE is a not-for-profit, a national Indigenous organization, incorporated under the Federal Charter of Canada. NIWEE is not a charity, and cannot issue charitable tax receipts. ***