Our Mission

Welcome to your new and unique Indigenous non-profit entrepreneurship community, the National Indigenous Women Entrepreneurs’ Ecosystem (NIWEE).

NIWEE is a platform for providing education training, experiential opportunities, mentoring and business coaching to Indigenous women aspiring to become successful entrepreneurs.

Skill-up with training, business coaching, industry mentorship, and resources to help you launch a business you love and lead the growth of your early-stage enterprise. In the next 3-years, we will support 100 Indigenous women in launching and/or growing a business of their choice, by providing Grandmother Moon Fellowships.

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what we do

We help launch start-ups and scale early-stage businesses.

Our experience has taught us that to become an entrepreneur, one must be passionate about being in business or launching a business. An entrepreneur understands the business IDEA is but one percent of the business development, while the EXECUTION is 99% of its success. To be an entrepreneur, you must be willing to take calculated risks and be determined and disciplined to reach your goal. NIWEE provides:

Insights & Support

Exploring the future can prove invaluable in the business world. It can help you ramp up your capabilities for taking control of your future. Each year NIWEE members will explore market trends, and use foresight methods to examine a specific industry sector. You will benefit from knowledge to innovate and plan, execute and build resilient futures.

Training, Coaching & Events

If you are an Indigenous women dreaming to become a successful entrepreneur, NIWEE offers you an exclusive training and support program to help you launch or scale a business of your choice and gain market traction. Coaches and experts in residence advise on process, sales, revenue growth, product design and more.

Ecosystem & Events

NIWEE’s ecosystem is accessible to Indigenous and non-Indigenous women. It brings together investors, educators, innovators, and entrepreneurs, corporate partners and allied organizations. The ecosystem offers its members a range of emerging markets services, networks and chances of meeting like-minded entrepreneurs.

why choose us

Operational Excellence

Foundational to the Course

is the interweaving of Indigenous and Western world views, learning methods and mentoring

Continuous Growth

NIWEE's focus

is on training and business coaching to help you become a creative business leader and an equal contributor to what is Canada's socio-economic fabric

Resources Rich

In addition to a team of subjects in areas such as marketing, sales, and funding, you'll have access to online discussions, webinars, a magazine published quarterly focused on Mastering Your Startup, Industry Insights, networking, peer-to-peer conversations, and more.

Good Producing Sector
Service Producing Sector
Survival Rate to 10 year Mark average
The National Indigenous Women Entrepreneurs’ Ecosystem (NIWEE)

NIWEE is an Indigenous federally chartered Canadian not-for-profit Ecosystem. To contribute to the economic empowerment of emerging women entrepreneurs from First Nations, Metis and Inuit communities.

join us

NIWEE is free and as a community Member, there is a sense of belonging where you can contribute, feel respected, provide impact and most of all feel needed.

NIWEE is looking to bring together an exceptional group of people from different walks of life who share common interests and a common purpose. For some, their interest lies in building a side hustle; for others, it's about learning from their peers; for others, it’s finding a new perspective so that they may achieve their dream. While for others, it's about passion and about contributing knowledge and experience to help break down inequities and support women in building their economic well-being.

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